In accordance with current Australian Public Health advice, Revita Medical Clinic requests that any individuals who start experiencing respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) and have recently travelled ANYWHERE INTERNATIONALLY or had contact with someone diagnosed with the novel coronavirus within the last 14 days call the medical centre or hospital before arrival so that the appropriate infection control measures can be put in place and people can be directed to the best place for testing and treatment.



the Australian Government Department of Health coronavirus

Public information site regarding COVID-19

Call the Victorian Public Health Information Line on 1300 651 160

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Revita medical clinic

Caring for the Growing Needs of Our Community.


We provide a wide range of general medical services here at Highway Medical Centre. Our doctors and nurses and dedicated to provide the best possible service when you need and are passionate about their duties. Our medical services includes the following:

See us for all your all general medical care needs. We have a group of experienced specialist general practitioners who are interested to improve your health. We are a family friendly bulk biling clinic aiming to cater for all you healthcare needs. Be it a simple cough and cold or abdominal pain

Having a sick kid is not easy. It is difficult to nurse a sick kid and it a major reason for parent distress. At Revita Clinic we understand this. Our doctors are very good with kids and some of them have young kids themselves. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your kids are unwell.

Chronic diease has been increasing in australia among which diabetes is the most prevalent. It is estimated that about 6% ( 1.2m) australians have diabetes which leads to other comorbidity including Heart Disease and strokes. We appreciate the overall impact of chronic disease on australians and the high healthcare costs associated with it. It is our motto to manage chronic disease optimally to assure better health outcomes and to minimize hospitlizations and morbidity. 

Our team of doctors and nurses are dedicated to prevenative healthcare. We perform and promote health assessments for the following groups of patients

– 75 years and over

– 40-49 years old

– People with disability

– Veterans

– Aboriginal and torres strait islander

Regular health check can be crucial for early diagnosis and management of various health conditions. Please book your appointment with us for you health checks.

Please note that assessment of fitness for drivers licence, commercial drivers medicals including taxi and Uber do not attract any medicare rebate. Therefore these consultations are privately billed. Please visit our fees page for more detals. Please note that you are required to book a double appointment for any of these consultations.

Most acute condition can be managed at this clinic. However if you are in a life threatening emergency please ring 000 immediately.

Both kids and adult vaccinations are available at this clinic. Please note that all the kids scheduled immunisation are free. Some vaccination eg Flu vaccines, travel vaccines and the vaccine out side of National Immunisation Programme will incurr extra costs. Please ring us for further details.

If you are travelling  overseas please remember to visit our doctors for a tailored advice regarding your travel. The last thing anyone wants is to become ill while travelling. We recommend that you visit us well in advance and make sure that you are you family is safe during your travel.

Bulk billed skin checks are offered at this clinic. It is highly recommended that you have regular skin check as we all know that preventoin is better than cure. Early detection and treatment of skin cancer can save life. Book in with one of our qualified skin doctors for your routine skin check. 

Our practice is a treaching praactice. Most of our GPs are passionate educators as well. We believe it is our responsibility to teach and train the next generation of australian medical students. Currently we are participitating with Monash and Deakin university in their 1st yeat and 4th year medical student GP placement programs.

Minor surgeries including skin cancer removal are done at thia clinic. The surgical procedures generally attract private fees. Please ask oyur doctor during your consultation for further information

If you are a pilot or an aspiring pilot then you can book an appointment with Dr Nick Page for your medical exams. These consultations are privately billed. Please visit our fees page for more information

One of our aim is to provide comprehensive healthcare for the whole family. Our friendly and skilled team of doctors and nurses are ready to provide care for you and your family.

We have both male and female GPs providing womens healthcare be it PAP smear or implanon or a female health check.  

Males are often considered indifferent to their own health. At revita medical clinic we take opportunistic approach to our male patients in relation to their health care needs. We always encourage and promote regular male health checks and make sure our male patients engage to our tailored advice or lifescript.

PRP therapy is denoted as platelet-rich plasma therapy. Platelet-rich plasma is a type of autologous(generated from one’s own blood) product which has increased concentration of platelets within a small amount of plasma. There are several beneficial effects of PRP ranging from hair growth to tissue-healing effects.


PRP injections have platelets which are the type of blood cells derived from the person’s own body. It has proteins and blood clotting factors which prevent excessive bleeding and enhances wound healing . The proteins in PRP activate the specific receptors over the affected cells which in turn induces angiogenesis, mitogenesis along with macrophage activation.

A small amount of blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged to separate platelets from the blood. These platelets are then injected into the affected site to achieve healing effects. At the tissue level, the PRP injections stimulate the release of growth factors and initiates a cascade of reaction to the injected area of the body. The net result of PRP injection is the stimulation of stem cells which produces new host tissues. This effective property of PRP helps in healing, repair and regeneration. 

Conditions that can be treated with platelet rich plasma 

We provide bulk billed mental health services by our doctors. Our doctors are able to manage a range of mental health conditions and are able to do mental health care plans where applicable. We also have psychologists working at our clinic( please visit our team page on our this website for further information)

Implanon insertion and removal done at this clinic. Please make sure to consult a doctor before booking for the procedure. Please ring reception for further information.

Mirena removal is done By Dr Niaz Reza. Please book a long appointment if you wish to have your mirena removed.

we are fully accredited yellow fever vaccination centre. Yellow fever is endemic in many african, central and south american countries. If you are visiting any of these countries , it is a mandatory reqirement that you get vaccinated prior to your travel. Please note that you need to book your appointment at least 10 days prior to your departure. We can vaccinate you and can provide you with an internation yellow fever vaccination certificate which you need to carry during your travel.