About Our Clinic

A New Era in Healthcare

At Revita Medical Clinic, we are welcoming a new era in healthcare, where achieving good health is just the beginning. We believe in caring for the whole person – by getting to know you, having conversations and making connections with our patients.

Why Choose Us

We are efficient, patient-focused, provider of high quality healthcare the community needs.

We employ innovative approaches that yield excellent experiences.

We improve the lives of community residents by providing high value, integrated and patient-centered services.

We empower healthcare professionals to live up to their potential to benefit our patients.

We collaborate with others to provide high value, integrated and patient-centered services.

Revita Clinic

Providing the highest quality medical service

Our Mission​

To provide continued medical care in a holistic environment and present a very wide range of services to our patients with high level of satisfaction.

Our Vision

To thrive, excel and ultimately be the most trusted and the most reliable healthcare provider in our community and in Australia.

Our Goal

To provide high quality, affordable and accessible medical and skin care to the community

Our Core Values


Supporting the professionals



Efficient health care delivery




Revita Medical Clinic not only achieves but also sustains the highest levels care possible. We do this because of our unwavering commitment to our mission, vision and values

At Revita Medical Clinic, we take exceptional care of our patients. Your safety and well-being is our number one priority. We are always looking for ways to improve and eliminate any preventable risks to our patients. That’s why we’ve built a culture of teamwork and accountability to constantly improve our systems and processes to reduce risk to patients, research and develop best practices, and create the most positive patient experience. We believe the first step of improving quality and safety is transparency with our patients, our employees, and our affiliated doctors.

 We know you have choices for your healthcare provider. And we want you to feel confident that when you choose the Revita Medical Clinic, you’ll receive excellent care – for you and your entire family.