Hair Loss PRP

Hair loss Platelet rich Plasma treatment works in a similar mechanism to normal PRP

Hair loss Platelet rich Plasma treatment works in a similar mechanism to normal PRP.  The blood is made up of two parts:  red blood cells and plasma. Within blood plasma there are white blood cells and platelets, these are rich in growth factors. These growth factors can actually help to stimulate the activity of hair follicles and promote new hair growth!!. The procedure involves blood being drawn from your arm and being separated through a centrifuge. This is separating the plasma and red blood cells so that we can use the plasma rich in growth factors for your treatment. The plasma will be then be injected into the scalp, with injections being placed in the thinning hair areas. This procedure is relatively quick

Benefits to having PRP treatment for hair loss

  • Naturally stimulates hair growth
  • Increases hair volume, density and fullness
  • Increases survival and strengthening of existing hair, overall improving the quality of the hair whilst reducing hair loss.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other therapies and medications for hair loss


Who can have PRP treatment hair loss?

Hair loss is commonly associated with the many forms of alopecia, some of the forms that respond well to PRP are:

  • Androgenic Alopecia: a major form of hair loss, mainly due to hormonal disturbances;
  • Diffuse Alopecia: caused by a physiological change such as stress, nutrient deficiencies, etc;
  • Alopecia Areata: autoimmune disease in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the scalp.

However the great news is that PRP is suitable for anyone with thinning hair!


To get the most out of your treatments ,consistency is vital.  Treatments will typically be performed once a month for the first three to four months. This can change depending on your response to treatment and results achieved.  Results can first start to be seen within two to three months post treatment, so do not to worry if you don’t notice an immediate difference just know results will take time and patience is key.

Post Treatment Information

  • There is no activity restriction after a PRP treatment.
  • Patients may shower/shampoo/condition their hair normally just several hours after the treatment and resume normal activities.
  • Some brief redness/pinkness and numbness of the scalp may be present for several hours.
  • No hair colouring or perming/chemical hair treatments should be performed for at least 72 hours.
  • Use of topical hair growth treatments recommended by the doctor like Minoxidil or similar can resume the next day.