After Hours Gp And Doctor

Here at Revita Medical Clinic, we focus on providing high-quality healthcare to the everyone.

Our compassionate doctors are dedicated in providing quality care to all patients and believe in personalised care to develop a healthy community.  To achieve this, we have after hours GP and doctors available in order to provide medical attention at all times required.

We are open from-

Monday – Friday :    8.40am – 9:00 pm
Saturday- Sunday : 9:00Am – 3:00PM


At Revita Medical Clinic, we believe in providing our high-quality service during comprehensive hours, therefore, we are delighted to be considered an after hours medical centre.

We do not confine to the traditional 9 to 5 time because  we understand that sometimes medical attention is needed after hours and our community is able to receive our care outside the typical work hours, allowing more opportunity and accessibility.

We know that it can be difficult to find a clinic outside of work and school hours, hence we have committed ourselves to provide the after hours care required.  Our extensive opening hours include early mornings, late nights and the entire weekend.

We understand that during these times, it can be difficult to find an after hours clinic open, however at Revita we are dedicated in creating an accessible and committed service. We have a number of available appointment times which remain available when most other medical centres are closed, which creates convenience and support to the community.

It is a priority to our after hours gp’s to deliver care when it is needed instead of having to wait until a medical centre re-opens the following day and often saves you from waiting for extensive times in an emergency department at your local hospital. We understand after hours can be limited in the services that can be provided, in contrary, at Revita medical clinic our after hours doctors provide treatment for a wide range of minor illnesses and conditions when you require in order for you to recover sooner. These services are not limited to normal hours and can be provided during our after hours times.

These include skin and mole checks, immunisations, care plans, general consultations, prescriptions, aviation medicals, Men’s health, Women’s health, Travel medicine and beauty treatments. We provide all these service until late hours and over the entire weekend in order to achieve convenience and facilitate to our valued patients. We strive to provide continued medical service to our patients with a high level of satisfaction and thrive and excel as a reliable healthcare provider.

During our after hours, we continue to provide a bulk billed service, no matter how late or what day it is in the week in order to administer affordable care and be a trusted and reliable healthcare provider. In the instance where immediate medical attention is required during outside hours such as overnight, we cooperate with the after hours service doctor doctor who operate our overnight call service system which will triage calls and provide access to the most appropriate after hours service to meet your needs. In the event of an emergency or in the need of urgent treatment please call the ambulance on 000 or contact your nearest Emergency Department.